• Crèche, Early Impression Playgroup Nursery


You are welcome to Zoe International School Website. Our vision is to forge strong, raising champion from grassroots, focused on the disciplinary knowledge, positive connections with pupils so they can achieve Independence, build confidence, and gain academic knowledge. These is we stand for.

our Classes

Basic 1-6

We are offering BASIC classed from stage 1 to 9, this comprises of classes in Primary 1 to 6 which prepares our wards for admission into the subsequent levels in their academic careers.


Nursery classes are very much available and are tailor-made to give your wards a very sound foundation of their academic life.

Creche Early Impression Playgroup

we provide children with this environment, encouraging them to share their ideas and opinions. Through guided activity and free choice play, children develop social skills, early literacy, number recognition and much, much more. We recognise that each child is an individual and appreciate the things that make that child unique.

Early Impressions are lasting Impressions.